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Message from the President トップメッセージ

Bridging the Gap between
Patients and Dental ClinicsPresident and CEO Takahisa Ishii

Bridging the Gap between Patients and Dental Clinics

Creating an Environment where Patients can Receive Treatment without Worries

We believe that an implant treatment is truly successful only when the patient’s worries regarding the treatment have been dispelled and their quality of life has improved.
Until now, patients tend to leave anything related to treatment up to the doctor. And so, in order to achieve success, it is important for patients to have a deeper understanding of the treatment themselves before undergoing it, and for them to take a hard look at their doctor.
As a “proxy” for patients so that they can have peace of mind and focus on their treatment, and so that they can get the ideal QOL (quality of life), our goal is to partner with them and enable them to choose a treatment without any worries.
We pursue the creation and provision of risk-hedging solutions to all persons involved in dental treatment—patients, dental clinics, and dental organizations—in order to produce an environment where patients can receive better dental treatment.
We as a corporation will continue to make efforts to support dental treatment indispensable to promoting health and improving people’s QOL.

President and CEO Takahisa Ishii