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Corporate Information 会社情報

Company Profile

Company Profile
  • Company Name

    GuideDent Inc.

  • Address

    3/F Takara Building, 1-34-14 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Telephone No.


  • Fax No.


  • Date Established

    August 2011

  • Representative

    President and CEO Takahisa Ishii

  • Business Description

    - 10-year implant guarantees, 5-year aesthetic dental treatment guarantees
    - Other dental treatment guarantees
    - Comprehensive implant consultation for patients
    - Conduct of dental forums for residents of Tokyo
    - Support of public awareness activities
    - R&D (research and development)

  • Shareholder Composition

    Medical Net, Inc. (listed on TSE Mothers; part of M3 Group listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
    Satoshi Hoyano

  • Affiliated Companies

    Medical Net, Inc. (Japanese site)
    Blanc Networks, Inc. (Japanese site)